Chinoiserie Reverie

Chinoiserie, with its timeless allure and rich cultural history, continues to captivate the world of home decor, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary style. In the realm of high-end interiors, the allure of chinoiserie endures, as evidenced by its consistent presence in the most elegant homes. Incorporate chinoiserie patterns through our luxurious pillows!

Black & White: A Timeless Drama

Black & white is a classic and timeless palette that effortlessly cultivates a dramatic vibe within any space. The simplicity of black and white not only establishes a sense of moody sophistication but is also versatile. Black & white is versatile for layering textures and patterns as well as adding pops of color. This iconic combination transcends trends, offering a perpetually dramatic and chic atmosphere that stands the test of time.

Timeless Contemporary Design

Contemporary design is both classic and of the moment. Mixing traditional and modern elements, clean lines, luxe textures, and thoughtful use of color and metallic accents are the essentials of this aesthetic.

In Love with Velvet

Add an elegant and timeless touch of velvet to your design! We have a variety of designer velvet throw pillows in beautiful shades and styles ranging from understated solids to glamorous and bold patterns. Shop our line today and discover your love of velvet.

Slate Blue

Slate blue presents an elegant twist on traditional blue. This subdued and muted tone evokes a sense of timeless charm just the same, but offers a refreshing departure from the more vibrant shades. Opt for styles in luxe textures and fabrics for instant elevation and elegance.

Graceful Minimalism

Classic beauty blends with contemporary minimalism and creates a captivating and tranquil ambiance. This design exudes a sense of grace and sophistication with its balanced proportions, subtle ornamentation, and elegant décor accents.