Understated Modern Ambiance

Crafting an understated and refreshing modern ambiance becomes effortlessly achievable through the curation of accessories and patterns in soft or neutral tones. By carefully selecting accessories, a space gains an uncluttered look that is still dynamic. This approach celebrates the beauty of simplicity, allowing furniture and accessories, such as throw pillows, to command attention while maintaining an overall sense of calm sophistication.

Cozy Coastal Sanctuary

Update your coastal sanctuary with a neutral palette of white, grey, tan, and black. Use soft textiles like plush velvet and cozy wool to welcome you in from the cool coastal breeze. Shattered, Bella, and Cuddle will keep you snug while relax and recharge.

Cozy Steel

There is nothing cozier than a bed full of plush pillows. To get a chic and cozy vibe, focus on smaller intimate patterns while introducing rich, sensuous texture. Layer in neutral colors and soft elements throughout the space for a welcoming feel.

Contemporary Midcentury Modern

Create a Mid-Mod style that’s timeless and sleek. The key to getting it right in your home is to carefully balance your mid century inspired furniture with contemporary interior trends. Your accessories are the most important part! Our Piano throw pillow offers both a transitional statement while pulling the whole look together.

Essential Rust

There is no denying that rust is considered an “earthy neutral” in the interior design world. Inspired by nature, rust is warm, cozy, and comforting. However, rust is also stylish with a retro appeal. It is truly a neutral color that compliments soft muted tones, as well as dramatic hues that results in gorgeous and wonderfully grounding interiors.