Unexpected Luxe

Embracing the glam style extends beyond traditional spaces, as incorporating luxurious elements can elevate unexpected areas within the home. Consider introducing the opulence of throw pillows and throws in unconventional spots to infuse a touch of sophistication into daily routines. Plush cushions strategically placed on chairs or built-in banquettes can instantly transform the culinary space into a chic and inviting environment.

Understated Modern Ambiance

Crafting an understated and refreshing modern ambiance becomes effortlessly achievable through the curation of accessories and patterns in soft or neutral tones. By carefully selecting accessories, a space gains an uncluttered look that is still dynamic. This approach celebrates the beauty of simplicity, allowing furniture and accessories, such as throw pillows, to command attention while maintaining an overall sense of calm sophistication.

Parisian Elegance Meets Modern Glam

This enchanting space effortlessly combines Parisian elegance and modern glam using perfectly curated accessories and styling. The harmonious blend of accents creates a unique fusion of styles that is captivating, chic, and inviting.

New Neoclassical

Embracing the Italianate mantel and moldings, this modern neoclassical space gives sophistication and elegance. When working with traditional architectural elements, choose furniture and décor pieces made of rich materials and sleek design for a beautiful contrast. Use pillows in abstract patterns as a way to add dimension to the modern and luxe appeal.

New Traditional

Don’t say goodbye to traditional! Refresh the classic style with modern accents for an updated look. Morse and Kapoor blend seamlessly with the traditional elements of this space.

Artsy Modern

Geometric patterns and abstract designs work so beautifully together! Use soothing and harmonious colors to tie in two very different patterns. You will love this color and pattern combo!

Eclectic Glam

Bold patterns and textures collide with luxurious accents, resulting in a mesmerizing ambiance. The mix of vintage and contemporary elements, paired with glamorous finishes, elevates the room into an eclectic haven of chic and daring design.

Modern Luxe

Who else is obsessing over this modern luxe vibe? To create this look, stick to the classic black and white and add a pop of fuchsia to make a dramatic statement.

Pattern & Texture in Styling

Incorporating pillows with various textures and patterns infuse personality and a designer touch into any living space, while also serving as the perfect way to tie elements together. For a more minimalist or understated vibe, opting for a palette of neutral tones ensures that the overall ambiance remains polished and sophisticated.

Elevate A Neutral Space

Elevate the tone and ambiance of a neutral space with pillows in warm tones and rich fabrics. Adina and Flirty are an alluringly unexpected pairing that add texture, visual interest, and personal style.

Graceful Minimalism

Classic beauty blends with contemporary minimalism and creates a captivating and tranquil ambiance. This design exudes a sense of grace and sophistication with its balanced proportions, subtle ornamentation, and elegant décor accents.