Eclectic Cosmopolitan

Say goodbye to minimalism, because maximalism has stepped into the spotlight. We are embracing and toasting to all the funky vibes we are getting from this eclectic cosmopolitan style. Check out our vibrant emerald green pillows and perfect tones of blush to create this inspiring space. Don’t forget to add some animal and floral prints to really submerse yourself into YOUR cosmo space.

Eclectic Chic

Statement pillows will take any living space to the next level. Make sure your pillows have some unique attributes like an eyelash embellishment in our Adornment style.

Refined Eclectic Glam

An eclectic glam style is a more polished aesthetic that can be achieved by layering diverse elements like florals, animal prints, textured solids, and abstract patterns with contemporary furniture and décor pieces. The clean lines and geometric shapes of the furniture and décor pieces invite elegance by streamlining the room, while the metallic finishes give off glam undertones. The dark walls and couch creates a sense of solidarity between the room and furniture while still allowing each design accessory to uniquely stand out.