An Enchanting Eclectic Space

Blend traditional, modern, and whimsical elements to spark visual interest and evoke a sense of curiosity. Juno and Irinia are an unlikely pair in pattern, but they complement each other beautifully in tone and texture, and add a sophisticated eclectic touch to this space.

Transcend Ordinary Spaces

Elevate any home with our luxurious pillows, transcending ordinary spaces into captivating living dreams. Enrich the atmosphere with bold colors, abstract patterns, soft velvet, and animal-inspired designs for an exquisite touch of elegance.

Sedona Sunset: Terracotta and Blue

Create a look inspired by a beautiful Sedona sunset with shades of blue and terracotta. This beautiful contrasting color combination balances out a room and creates a calm, but vibrant, inviting feel. Add greys to tone down the bright colors or add shades of green and yellow for a colorful, eclectic space.

Eclectic Cosmopolitan

Say goodbye to minimalism, because maximalism has stepped into the spotlight. We are embracing and toasting to all the funky vibes we are getting from this eclectic cosmopolitan style. Check out our vibrant emerald green pillows and perfect tones of blush to create this inspiring space. Add animal and floral prints to really submerse yourself into your dream cosmo space.