Keeping Cozy

As the temperatures drop and winter’s chill sets in, there’s nothing quite like snuggling up with a plush cozy throw to stay warm and comfortable. Our soft and luxurious throws are definitely a staple, offering not only warmth but also a touch of style and coziness to any space.

Get Cozy in Style with Poodle

Add a layer of stylish warmth to your design with our ultra-cozy Poodle pillow. Available in 12 colorways and 6 size options, also available as a throw, Poodle is a versatile addition to seamlessly enhance any space with a pop of color and texture.

Cozy Coastal Sanctuary

Update your coastal sanctuary with a neutral palette of white, grey, tan, and black. Use soft textiles like plush velvet and cozy wool to welcome you in from the cool coastal breeze. Shattered, Bella, and Cuddle will keep you snug while relax and recharge.

Master the Japandi Style

Japandi is a combination of Japanese minimalism- a neutral palette and functional design- with natural elements and sleek shapes of Scandinavian style. Add contemporary accessories, soft fabrics, and bold artwork to ensure a scheme that’s inviting with a modern edge. Texture is key! Our Collateral throw pillow will add depth and interest for a soft, handcrafted look.

Cozy Steel

There is nothing cozier than a bed full of plush pillows. To get a chic and cozy vibe, focus on smaller intimate patterns while introducing rich, sensuous texture. Layer in neutral colors and soft elements throughout the space for a welcoming feel.

Midcentury Modern Design

Midcentury modern interiors captivate with their chic and sophisticated allure, making them beloved for their seamless blend of style and inviting comfort. Characterized by the use of natural wood, sleek accents, bold patterns, and rich colors, this design style exudes chic perfection, elevating spaces to a realm of timeless elegance.