A Perfectly Balanced Contemporary Home

Classic yet thoroughly of the moment, Contemporary design ensures it never feels dated. The vital aesthetic of this style is its simplicity, clean lines, textures, and quiet drama. Our Antibes II pillows are a classic approach to bringing a space together through luxurious simplicity, but still offering a clean and concise mood. Its small pops of bright colors and handstitched ribbon double as conversation starters while adding personality to a minimal room.

Take Me to Texas

There’s no denying that Texas has given the world the Farmhouse style! Create a modern spin on this popular style by keeping it minimal and light for an airy space. Add artisanal décor, like our handcrafted Mayfair pillow, for a space that really makes it as unique as you. Browse through our Plaid-Check filters for more designs to create your Contemporary Texas retreat.

Contemporary Mid Mod

Create a Mid-Mod style that’s timeless and sleek. The key to getting it right in your home is to carefully balance your mid century inspired furniture with contemporary interior trends. Your accessories are the most important part! Our Piano throw pillow offers both a transitional statement while pulling the whole look together.