Monochromatic Style

When crafting a space that seamlessly merges style and allure, throw pillows and accessories are the elements that tie everything together. The key lies in balancing the contrast, allowing each element to enhance the other. Accessorize with black and white artwork, vases, or sculptures to create focal points that command attention. The beauty of this classic mix lies in its versatility—whether you’re aiming for a contemporary chic vibe or a more traditional aesthetic, the black and white combination effortlessly adapts, lending an air of sophistication to any space.

Using Pattern in Bedroom Retreats

In a bright and open bedroom, the strategic use of patterns in pillows and rugs can effortlessly introduce visual interest and texture without compromising the serene ambiance. Opting for something understated, like soft geometric line patterns, draws the eye without overwhelming the senses, creating a balance between a visually appealing and restful bedroom retreat. 

Silver Aura

Transform your space with the captivating charm of luxe silver pillows. The mere touch of silver infuses opulence into any room, whether casually laid on a chic contemporary sofa or cozily nestled on a plush bed. Not only do the sheen and texture bring a rich quality, but they also effortlessly capture and reflect ambient light, casting a subtle luster that elevates the entire space. Silver pillows are also versatile and harmonize seamlessly with a variety of color schemes, delivering a timeless and effortlessly elegant touch to your decor.

Style Alchemy

Elevate the charm of your living space by incorporating transitional pillows that infuse a burst of style and personality. Opt for pillows with vibrant colors, bold patterns, or captivating textures to create an inviting atmosphere, allowing you to breathe fresh life into your classic setting while maintaining an elegant cohesiveness.

The Art of Contrast

The contrast of dark and light elements creates a striking impression that is also bright and inviting. Pillows and furniture in light tones are an effective way to add an uplifting and fresh feel to a space.

The Art Deco Reprise

A bold and colorful style, Art Deco is making its way back into the scene. For a timeless and live-in look, contemporary pieces are mixed with geometric patterns and curved forms. To give this a modern update, think rich jewel colors, like teal, blue, green, and purple, contrasted with pastels, like blush and mist. Add some neutral colors to keep the space airy.

Timeless Contemporary Design

Contemporary design is both classic and of the moment. Mixing traditional and modern elements, clean lines, luxe textures, and thoughtful use of color and metallic accents are the essentials of this aesthetic.

Contemporary Midcentury Modern

Create a Mid-Mod style that’s timeless and sleek. The key to getting it right in your home is to carefully balance your mid century inspired furniture with contemporary interior trends. Your accessories are the most important part! Our Piano throw pillow offers both a transitional statement while pulling the whole look together.

Modern Farmhouse

The most popular style of the decade is Modern Farmhouse. Take this style to new heights by emphasizing comfort and causal living with contemporary sensibilities. Think eclectic and rustic, but with a sophisticated charm. Use contrasting colors such as black with white, but keep it cool with a classic mantra that less is more.