The Quiet Palette

Loving this calm but chic monochromatic space? Stick to working with neutrals for a quieter palette. Patterns and textures play a big role in adding character and dimension to keep the eye moving and preventing the palette from feeling flat. Our Adornment pillow offers fringe textures for a lively finish and circular patterns to break from the straight lines. Check out our diverse throw pillows to find the perfect hue for your monochromatic interior!

The Dreamy Hue

Tired of using neutral colors to create a calm and peaceful space. Well, your new fav color is going to be a slate blue. Our Fringe-Dream pillow offers not only the perfect hue of a light blue with grey undertone, but the fringe texture and soft velvet takes your room from drab to dreamy.

Calming Blue Stream

The bedroom is the gateway to relaxation. Add our soft velvet with a raised wave pattern – Stream – to create your space of serenity. This throw pillow can be the focal point or a great layering option to add color and texture to any room.

The New Blue

Blue has been tried and true over the past decade. This color is a chic twist on the classic blue. Added tip: It is said that looking at blue can help reduce blood pressure. So why not throw more into your home!