The Quiet Palette

Loving this calm & charming monochromatic space? Stick to working with neutrals for a quieter palette. Patterns and textures play a big role in adding character and dimension to keep the eye moving and preventing the palette from feeling flat. Our Adornment pillow offers fringe textures for a lively finish and circular patterns to break from the straight lines.

The Dreamy Hue

Looking for an alternative to using neutral colors to create a calm and peaceful space? Consider slate blue. Our Fringe-Dream pillow offers not only the perfect hue of a light blue with grey undertone, but the fringe texture and soft velvet takes your room from drab to dreamy.

A Calming Stream

The bedroom is the gateway to relaxation. Stream is an ultra-soft velvet with a raised wave pattern that is the perfect touch to create your space of serenity. Throw pillows can be focal points of a space, and are also great as layering options to add color and texture.