Luxe Azure Velvets

Elevate your living space with the timeless elegance of cut velvet pillows in classic shades of blues. Rich cut velvets effortlessly blend sophistication with comfort, showcasing texture that adds depth and luxury to any room.

New Traditional

Don’t say goodbye to traditional! Refresh the classic style with modern accents for an updated look. Morse and Kapoor blend seamlessly with the traditional elements of this space.

A Calming Stream

The bedroom is the gateway to relaxation. Stream is an ultra-soft velvet with a raised wave pattern that is the perfect touch to create your space of serenity. Throw pillows can be focal points of a space, and are also great as layering options to add color and texture.

Sedona Sunset: Terracotta and Blue

Create a look inspired by a beautiful Sedona sunset with shades of blue and terracotta. This beautiful contrasting color combination balances out a room and creates a calm, but vibrant, inviting feel. Add greys to tone down the bright colors or add shades of green and yellow for a colorful, eclectic space.

Eclectic Glam

Bold patterns and textures collide with luxurious accents, resulting in a mesmerizing ambiance. The mix of vintage and contemporary elements, paired with glamorous finishes, elevates the room into an eclectic haven of chic and daring design.

Beloved Blue & White

The most beloved color combo: Blue and White! When blue, calm and soothing, and white, clean and simple, are put together, you get the ultimate serene, tranquil space. Check out our pillow and furniture selections to get this classic color duo.