It all begins with an idea. A clear vision is the essential catalyst needed to bring creative ideas to fruition. Fifteen years ago, we started this journey with an objective of transforming our sister company Canaan Co., into an innovative manufacturer that provides spaces with top quality trend forward and timeless designs. Today, fifteen years later, we are still on that same journey with a plan that grows as our company grows. Being leaders means pursuing a vision you believe in, not yet seen by the masses, and at D.V.KAP we believe our vision is the driving force behind each of our pieces.

Our passion in providing the best products has made us master our craft. We have grown from a line that offered 150 styles to over 3,000 and counting. Using the same formula, only introducing the best, we are working to launch new line extensions in the near future. We firmly believe that D.V.KAP is our way of fulfilling the vision of having a comprehensive textile brand enhancing and individualizing people’s spaces.

Our vast assortment has grown to this size solely from our dedication to supplying our customers with the latest trends before anyone else. Our greatest sense of accomplishment does not come from a new line extension or introducing a showroom expansion, it comes from the kind words of our customers. Hearing that our product has heightened their project and elevated the client’s space is what we strive for. Our customers will always play an important role in our company’s mission. With our family’s dedication to D.V.KAP Home, we are excited to announce new investments into the company and enhanced showroom experiences in the works.

We have spent the past fifteen years actively dedicated to bringing our customers the highest quality trends to market, and we are not stopping anytime soon. Always remember, at D.V. KAP Home new things are always on the horizon to complete our big vision for the company we love.

With love,


Designed and manufactured in California, D.V. KAP HOME pillows encompass all of the elements of luxurious decorative accents while maintaining competitive costs. Ranging in color, texture and style, we incorporate our passion for décor into each of our pieces. Our pillows can perfect the look of any room, elaborating a personal style and captivating the essence of a space. For D.V KAP HOME, pillows are not just accessories, they are essential elements of décor.

In a short amount of time, we have expanded to reach the finest décor stores, the best interior designers, and the highest-quality furniture stores all across the United States and overseas. With showrooms in High Point, Las Vegas, Dallas and Atlanta, D.V. KAP HOME has become a leading name in home décor.