The Only Pillow You Need

Relax and unwind with our Impasto pillow. This pillow can compliment just about any room. The cut velvet in a chartreuse and taupe colorway is truly a versatile pillow that easily fits into your space. The modern design and lustrous velvet will elevate the room to the next level.

New Traditional

Don’t say goodbye to traditional! Refresh the classic style with modern accents for an updated look. Morse and Kapoor blend seamlessly with the traditional elements of this space.

Creature Conversational

Goodbye animal skins, hello animal motifs! Though animal prints are never truly leaving the spotlight, bold fresh motifs are a new way to showcase animal prints. Herd Together is sure to make a statement in any home and maybe even start a convo or two.

Lounge in Style

Fun, festive, and stylish, our Dandy lounge pillow makes the perfect match to brighten up any space. Embroidered with eyelash fringes, the texture and vibrant multi colors will have the room talking about its details and beauty. ⁠

A Calming Stream

The bedroom is the gateway to relaxation. Stream is an ultra-soft velvet with a raised wave pattern that is the perfect touch to create your space of serenity. Throw pillows can be focal points of a space, and are also great as layering options to add color and texture.

Cozy Steel

There is nothing cozier than a bed full of plush pillows. To get a chic and cozy vibe, focus on smaller intimate patterns while introducing rich, sensuous texture. Layer in neutral colors and soft elements throughout the space for a welcoming feel.

Contemporary Midcentury Modern

Create a Mid-Mod style that’s timeless and sleek. The key to getting it right in your home is to carefully balance your mid century inspired furniture with contemporary interior trends. Your accessories are the most important part! Our Piano throw pillow offers both a transitional statement while pulling the whole look together.

Slate Blue

Slate blue presents an elegant twist on traditional blue. This subdued and muted tone evokes a sense of timeless charm just the same, but offers a refreshing departure from the more vibrant shades. Opt for styles in luxe textures and fabrics for instant elevation and elegance.