Midcentury Modern Design

Midcentury modern interiors captivate with their chic and sophisticated allure, making them beloved for their seamless blend of style and inviting comfort. Characterized by the use of natural wood, sleek accents, bold patterns, and rich colors, this design style exudes chic perfection, elevating spaces to a realm of timeless elegance.

Monochromatic Lumbars

Mix and match your choice of lumbar to create your dream space! Create a monochromatic look by selecting one color and using various shades of the same color. To keep your color from falling flat- we suggest adding varying textures, sizes, and patterns. Take look at our carefully curated line to achieve an eye-catching and unabashedly intentional monochromatic interior.

Sedona Sunset: Terracotta and Blue

Create a look inspired by a beautiful Sedona sunset with shades of blue and terracotta. This beautiful contrasting color combination balances out a room and creates a calm, but vibrant, inviting feel. Add greys to tone down the bright colors or add shades of green and yellow for a colorful, eclectic space.

New Neutral: Blush

The new neutral for your home! Give your interiors a refresh with a soft pop of blush. Introducing the right shade of blush to your space will add a soft sophistication without sacrificing your neutral vibe. Trust us, our blush pillows will make you want to enjoy rosé all day.

Essential Rust

There is no denying that rust is considered an “earthy neutral” in the interior design world. Inspired by nature, rust is warm, cozy, and comforting. However, rust is also stylish with a retro appeal. It is truly a neutral color that compliments soft muted tones, as well as dramatic hues that results in gorgeous and wonderfully grounding interiors.

The Chartreuse Effect

The bold and vibrant hue of chartreuse offers a captivating pop of color that effortlessly invigorates any space. Its unique blend of yellow and green exudes a sense of energy and liveliness, making it a perfect choice for adding a dynamic focal point to your environment. Whether used in accents like throw pillows or artwork, or even as a statement furniture piece, chartreuse injects an instant dose of personality and vibrancy into your space.

The Color Mocha

Mocha is the perfect shade of brown to mix and match with any style. By adding our Villa pillows to your home, they create transitional elegance with a bold statement. Super soft and luxurious, this cut velvet in a geometric pattern is far from boring.

Artsy Modern

Geometric patterns and abstract designs work so beautifully together! Use soothing and harmonious colors to tie in two very different patterns. You will love this color and pattern combo!

Eclectic Glam

Bold patterns and textures collide with luxurious accents, resulting in a mesmerizing ambiance. The mix of vintage and contemporary elements, paired with glamorous finishes, elevates the room into an eclectic haven of chic and daring design.

Modern Luxe

Who else is obsessing over this modern luxe vibe? To create this look, stick to the classic black and white and add a pop of fuchsia to make a dramatic statement.

Eclectic Cosmopolitan

Say goodbye to minimalism, because maximalism has stepped into the spotlight. We are embracing and toasting to all the funky vibes we are getting from this eclectic cosmopolitan style. Check out our vibrant emerald green pillows and perfect tones of blush to create this inspiring space. Add animal and floral prints to really submerse yourself into your dream cosmo space.

Old Hollywood Glam

Bring the glamour and glitz to your home in a big way. Start by carefully layering strong colors to get that dramatic appeal. Add bold patterns such as animal and novelty prints to showcase your exquisite taste. Be bold and strut your style.

Pattern & Texture in Styling

Incorporating pillows with various textures and patterns infuse personality and a designer touch into any living space, while also serving as the perfect way to tie elements together. For a more minimalist or understated vibe, opting for a palette of neutral tones ensures that the overall ambiance remains polished and sophisticated.

Magritte Lounge Pillows

Stark textile contrast brings visual interest like our Magritte pillow. Rich chenille combined with natural linen never looked so good. Get cozy with our huge lounge pillows. You’ll want to lay on them all day!

Monochromatic Elegance

Luxe accents and a monochrome palette come together seamlessly to create the drama, elegance, and allure that define this captivating room. The sumptuous velvets and understated patterns of Dynamix & Stonewash serve as a perfect complement, offering a sophisticated finishing touch.